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Birthdays, reunions, graduations, employee, you name it party. 50 guests or less $150 for the day.  50 to 100 guests $200 for the day.  Small weddings possible.

(To order and schedule call Harold 423-443-2456 and let us know which event you would like to purchase.)

Stall Rental

Grass pasture and or Hay Furnished        

Weekly Rental - $75

Monthly Rental - $150

Overnight   - $40

Call 423-443-2456 to confirm

Feed, foot care, vet services Not Provided



Tent Camping



Weekend camping for a family of 6.  From 10AM Saturday to 10AM Sunday. Tents or small campers only.



From Friday at 4PM to Monday at 10AM for family of 6



Weeknight camping for a family of 6, from 4PM to 4PM, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Tents and small campers only

                                  Mom's four-hour break

Weekdays, mom and four kids or two moms and eight kids can picnic, swim, fish, canoe or paddle boat. 

Pick your four-hour slot.  Starting at 7AM to 11Am, 11AM to 3PM, 3PM to 7PM or 7PM to 11PM.

Cost is $40 first five plus $20 second five maximum ten call Harold 423-443-2456 to book and schedule

                  HORSEBACK RIDES

                By appointment only


Kids near stable lessons & adults around valley, no experience needed $40 per hour- per rider


Mountain trail (experienced riders only)

$50 per hour- per rider

For Two-hour valley trail & mountain trail ride the amount is $90 per rider. 


Call for appointment 423-443-2456


                  Apartment Rental

                By appointment only


Stay with us on the farm in your own apartment with private parking and entrance.  One-bedroom, full bath with walk in shower, kitchen and living /dining room.  Bedroom has a double bed and a trundle bed that could sleep two kids. 

At $85.00 per week night, with a two-night minimum and five night maximum or a two-night weekend is $200.00. One

could horseback ride at $40 per hour, take long walks, have a picnic by the lake or lie in the shade and read a good book.  Swimming and canoeing or paddle boating is possible when not otherwise booked.

Bring your own food or enquire about BB's menu for the week.  Pay as you go.

Call for appointment 423-443-2456


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